What’s on my mind

I need to vent, and I suppose there’s no better place than here.

I had a complete breakdown in the traffic on the way home tonight. I cried half the way home. It’s just all too much for me at the moment. My mind is spinning with all this crap and I just have to get it out.

These are the things I’m stressing about… which is probably why I’m having the problems mentioned yesterday. They are random thoughts at the moment, so this post is going to be all over the place.

Work is unbelievably stressful at the moment, and has been for a few weeks. I wish I could say more, but I really shouldn’t. I just hope that the secret meetings are over now… yes, I know about them… those ones everyone was having as soon as I left the office. It’s not cool. Not cool at all.

I’m getting up at 5am, leaving the house before 6:30 if I can and then I’m only picking the kids up at my mom’s after 5:30 at the moment. That’s not cool either. I barely see them. Tonight Lance had to pick them up without a carseat for Connor because I was stuck in traffic and only eventually got home at 7pm!

And talking about that! I haven’t been able to get my meds yet. By the time I got to the shops, all the pharmacies had closed… again. I can’t keep up with the food and stuff for the house either… and food for Bradley for school… well lets not go there! I forgot to buy bodywash for the kids over the weekend, and I haven’t been able to get that yet either.

And I haven’t even sent out invites for Connor’s party yet!! And it’s next week! My poor baby. He’s getting so neglected. I don’t even know what to get him yet! I don’t even know who to invite! It’s a mess! At least I finished making the invitation tonight. I’m wondering whether to make it a dedication too, and I ask Lance and all he says is “I dunno!” what kind of help is that!!

And there’s more too, but it’s even more depressing… about this country and how I’m hating these politics and the crime more and more, and how despondent we’re getting about it all. So, I’ll just stop there about that.

And I hate to admit it, but the photo-a-day thing is also stressing me too. I’m determined to finish it, but I’m so uninspired now. I struggle to think of things to take photos of. And anyway, who’s actually reading the damn thing every day anyway!!

Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I need to sleep now.

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