Was supposed to be an easy checkup

OK, this post is a little TMI, and not meant for those men-friends to read. So if that’s you… move along swiftly, or else this will be overshare, and you will feel uncomfortable… don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I went to the gynae today… ok, now move along… 🙂

It was supposed to be a simple checkup to see whether I needed to go for a general anaesthetic to have the mirena inserted. Yes, I’m doing something about that scare last month ;). It didn’t turn out to be so simple, and not at all fast! I ended being there for more than 2 hours (ok, half of that was taken up by waiting).

First she greets me with “so, are you pregnant yet?” much to my horror! And then proceeds to say that she doesn’t understand why I’m so against it, Connor wasn’t in NICU for that long! Ja right! Anyway, after her agreeing with me about not wanting another baby, we started the mirena discussion.

To cut a long story short, here’s the verdict after a pap smear and an internal scan (which she insisted on doing because she is convinced I’m pregnant because I’m so late… 8 days and counting… second month in a row. It’s impossible, but she just wouldn’t listen to me)….
I have a very thick lining which either means that I’m in for AF from hell (which would account for the moods) or I’m pregnant again and she can’t see a baby yet (OMW! This didn’t stop! It’s impossible! I tell you I’m not! I can’t be!). OH and then I have a cyst and she also found some free fluid.

Holy moly! So, I walked out of there with a script for progesterone for 3 days to sort the cyst out and a script for Evra for 2 months). If I don’t get AF within the next 5 days I have to go for blood tests. And I’ve been booked for a D&C to insert the mirena in March. Because I’ve had 2 caesars, there’s a risk of rupture if it’s done in the rooms, and it’s apparently damn sore, so theatre it is.

What a morning! I’m not too concerned about the cyst though. In fact I’m not stressing at all. I’m sure she’ll sort it all out when I go in March. So, I’ll let you know what happens.

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