This has literally exploded…

I also run our department blog, and I posted a story about the home with more photos on it, to show everyone who contributed what the money went towards.

Well, I sent an email to everyone in the department, and copied some of the mgt of the company as well as the Marketing lady as I thought she would send it in for the company magazine.

Half an hour later, it just literally exploded. The company is going to take this on as a project, and we’re throwing them a Xmas party. I’m going to phone Hannah this morning to tell her, and to ask her for a wishlist.
We are possibly going to provide their medication and ongoing food donations etc.
We’re going to get the staff to volunteer to “adopt” a child which they will then buy Xmas pressies and birthday pressies for – and these guys have got money – it’s no longer just an IT thing, it’s now the whole of the company.

I really hope this works out.

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