Real life encounters

Don’t you every wonder what fellow bloggers or other people you’ve met over the internet look like IRL (in real life)?

I’m constantly fascinated with what my mind perceives a person looks like from the way they post on their blogs or in forums. I’m mostly wrong! LOL!

I joined an internet SA mothers forum 4 years ago (when Bradley was a baby) and I’ve met most of the Jo’burg mothers, but not many of the mothers from the other cities and countries. Today, I met one of the Cape Town mothers, Tessa, for the first time.

I imagined her to be tall, very loud and with short hair. LOL! She’s not tall. She’s not a loud-mouth, even though she is quite assertive IRL. And she has the most gorgeous long hair! What a lovely woman IRL!

I enjoyed our lunch with her and a few other friends.

But I must add… Connor went on a jumping castle for the first time today (while we were at lunch). And boy, did he love it! He was giggling away, especially when the other kids jumped close to him. My baby has NO fear whatsoever :).

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