It was inevitable

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I knew someday that I’d hear the truth about what is really mine in the house.

This evening, Bradley came upstairs to our room when I wanted to change. I took one look at the room, and commented about what a mess “my” room was… the floor was strewn with toys.

Bradley pipes up “It’s not your room… it’s daddy’s room and your room… and my room and Connor’s room”

To which I reply “Really?”

Then he says “Ja, because your bed is big enough for 4 people!”


Isn’t he gorgeous?! I finally got a good shot of his green eyes this afternoon.

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What’s on my mind

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I need to vent, and I suppose there’s no better place than here.

I had a complete breakdown in the traffic on the way home tonight. I cried half the way home. It’s just all too much for me at the moment. My mind is spinning with all this crap and I just have to get it out.

These are the things I’m stressing about… which is probably why I’m having the problems mentioned yesterday. They are random thoughts at the moment, so this post is going to be all over the place.

Work is unbelievably stressful at the moment, and has been for a few weeks. I wish I could say more, but I really shouldn’t. I just hope that the secret meetings are over now… yes, I know about them… those ones everyone was having as soon as I left the office. It’s not cool. Not cool at all.

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Was supposed to be an easy checkup

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OK, this post is a little TMI, and not meant for those men-friends to read. So if that’s you… move along swiftly, or else this will be overshare, and you will feel uncomfortable… don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I went to the gynae today… ok, now move along… 🙂

It was supposed to be a simple checkup to see whether I needed to go for a general anaesthetic to have the mirena inserted. Yes, I’m doing something about that scare last month ;). It didn’t turn out to be so simple, and not at all fast! I ended being there for more than 2 hours (ok, half of that was taken up by waiting).

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Bradley’s horseriding and more

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He’s really enjoying his riding now. And he’s doing so well… well I think so anyway :). And so I thought I’d show you what he’s been doing lately apart from learning to jump.

Letitia is teaching him that he needs to lift his hands off the saddle, so she makes him trot without holding on with his arms behind his back, or on his head or straight out like an aeroplane. Clever hey?

And in the last few weeks she’s also been teaching him how to steer. Today she actually let go of him and Bonny for a bit, while Bradley controlled the horse!

Anyway, while Letitia was busy teaching Bradley, I was chatting to Melody who runs the place. Her daughter went to the same nursery school as Bradley, and she told me why she took her out of the school. OMW! All I wanted to do while I heard this story was ask Bradley if this happened to him too!

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Real life encounters

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Don’t you every wonder what fellow bloggers or other people you’ve met over the internet look like IRL (in real life)?

I’m constantly fascinated with what my mind perceives a person looks like from the way they post on their blogs or in forums. I’m mostly wrong! LOL!

I joined an internet SA mothers forum 4 years ago (when Bradley was a baby) and I’ve met most of the Jo’burg mothers, but not many of the mothers from the other cities and countries. Today, I met one of the Cape Town mothers, Tessa, for the first time.

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Do we have enough security?

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OK, considering I live in South Africa, that’s a bit of a rhetorical question. Let me explain how much security we have at home at the moment (and this is not OTT for a typical SA home).

Security bars on all opening windows. Security gates on all doors. Walls surrounding the house. Pallisade fencing in the front garden, and part of the walls on the sides. Our one neighbour has electric fencing so we’re covered there too. Alarm system in the house with panic buttons on all opening doors, and a remote panic button (to carry around). And then last year we installed yet another system in the garden with 90 deg infra-red beams which face the garden and beams in the front which sound an alarm as soon as there is someone in the garden.

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13 things I love about being a parent

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I really struggled to come up with a topic for today’s list, but found this blog and thought it was a brilliant idea!

1. I love the cuddles I get from Bradley, and the neck snuggles from Connor.

2. I love that, at the moment, I am one of the most important people in their lives.

3. I love playing with them, and showing and teaching them new things. They’re like sponges, and still accept everything you say as true (well, that’s starting to change with Bradley).

4. I love being called Mommy (Bradley), or MMMMMAAAAA (Connor) except when they’re whining.

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