Missing flowers

I came to the conclusion tonight that I need to get flowers for my home more often. I used to buy myself flowers almost every week, but I haven’t done that in months, for some unknown reason.

Madelein gave me a bunch of pink lilies today (the ones in the photo even though it looks orange because of the light). How sweet is that? She said she thought I needed some. And she went to so much effort to get them to me too! She phoned last night while I was walking to ask whether she could drop something off. And then today she walked from her offices (ok, it is the building next door) to have some coffee with me and give me the flowers.

Anyway, I was looking at them in the passage this evening thinking how much difference the flowers make to the house. They just brighten up the place, and make it more alive. I really need to get flowers for myself more often. It’s not like I can wait for my husband, or else I’d never get flowers.

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