I need sleep

I really need to stop blogging late into the night.  I’m beginning to look like a hag… I’ve got bags under my eyes for the first time in my life really.  I’m generally getting less than 7 hours sleep a night now… and that’s broken sleep because of the kids!  It’s just not good.

Saturday night, I went to bed early however.  And do you know why? The only reason was because I was getting fed up with the ‘net.  Google somehow decided that our PC was a spybot and wouldn’t let me get into any blogger sites!!  I felt like my arm was chopped off!!  So if I normally read and comment on your blogs, I apologise, I’ll get there sometime when they decide that I’m human again!.

Then last night, the same happened.  But this time i decided to check the PC out just in case it was infected with something.  Which resulted in a very long evening again!!  And it was a pointless exercise anyway because it’s clean.

I finally only got to sleep at 11pm, or after that!  Then the fun really started! Connor woke up at 12:30am with a stuffy nose.  So we put him in our bed.  But that didn’t even work, and he only got to sleep again at 2:30am.  And then guess what… Bradley woke up with the same problem.  So I doctored him and went to sleep with him in his bed.  He only fell asleep again at 3:30am!

… and guess what time the alarm goes off?  5am!  ***sigh***

And then to top my night off, in that one hour of decent sleep that I did have, I dreamt that Lance was having an affair.  In the dream nightmare his friend Fanie came to our house with some chick carrying a baby.  The baby was apparently Lance’s!  And “it” was wearing a babygro that Connor has got, but it was a tiny baby.  So I kicked him out… and Fanie! I just felt such a lot of anger.  And I felt absolutely no remorse whatsoever for kicking him out. Go figure!  It was very strange.

The house in the dream was strange too. It was white with a flat roof. The inside was white with red all over the place.  There was a nook on the outside of the house next to the front door with a basin with little peces of soap that looked like bubbles, but no running tap, just a hole where the tap should be.

…and this damn dream has been on my mind the whole day, but that’s all I can remember.  In actual fact, I think that’s a crap load to remember for a dream that I had more than 12 hours ago.

I hate it when that happens.  Well, wish me luck, I’m going to try and sleep now.  Hope it’s a better night tonight.

PS.  Does anyone know anything about reading into dreams?

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