I caused a scene at the Zoo

I suppose I should use this evening to reflect on the last year, and not to gripe about stupid people, but I just have to get this off my chest!

We took the boys to the zoo today, in the blistering heat! Man, it was hot! We had a great time with Connor going ‘hmmmm’ at all the animals and pointing madly!

But, here’s what happened…

We were watching the gorilla in the photo below, and this portuguese old lady was standing next to me in red, waving her hat at the animal like a mad thing. We were about to leave, when she hauls out a sweet (in a wrapper!!), and waves it at the gorilla. So I wait to see what she’s going to do.

And blow me over with a feather, she actually throws it into the enclosure because he wasn’t coming to her!! Bloomin heck!! That’s enough to make my blood boil! So, I say no, don’t do that… quite nicely :). I can see she doesn’t understand me, so I tap her on her shoulder and make her look at me, shake my head, and say no, no, no again! And what does she do??? She bloody pulls out another damn sweet and throws it!!! STUPID COW!

Well, eventually, her family heard what was going on and then basically accused me of attacking her! Hey? She was the one in the wrong, and I did no such thing (I spoke quietly the whole time)! I told them how stupid she was and that she should know better, and then her son tried to tell me that in some zoos in the world people are allowed to feed the animals! Ja right? I’ve never heard such bull! Which adult in their right mind feeds a gorilla a wrapped sweet????

It ended up being quite a slinging match. And not one other person there said anything to them! It blew my mind! You can’t tell me that this is OK for everyone else?

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