Chaotic mornings

It’s always chaos trying to get everyone up and out of the house in the mornings (except for Connor, of course, because he stays at home… with a nanny).
This morning, Lance left early to drive to Middelberg for the day, and I was on my own… so naturally it’s even more chaotic. I thought I would share a bit of it with you.

Bradley has a thing about the scale in the bathroom and most mornings jumps on it and then shouts what he weighs today. It’s never accurate because he never stands still so it fluctuates madly, but it’s not meant for kids to weigh themselves. Well, that’s my belief anyway… I can’t stand it when people are anal about their kids’ weight. I believe it causes more problems than it’s worth, and it creates issues at school too.

Bradley is only 4, and he’s already coming home from school with stories about which food makes people fat, and that people need to lose weight blah blah… and it’s because of 2 kids in his class. It drives me insane… it’s one of my bugbears.
Kids need to be kids. While I agree that they have to eat healthily etc etc which my kids generally do, I don’t believe that weight issues should be drummed into them at such a young age. They’re too little to understand, and personally I believe that these kids will end up with obesity or anorexia issues anyway.

Anyhoo, back to my story…
Connor, like all 1 year olds, will do whatever his big brother does. But he always has to better it… already. So his latest trick is to pick the scale up (Yes, he’s a strong little thing), and carry it into the bedroom and then sit on it like a little Buddha.
This morning, he did just that, but it landed on his foot, and he couldn’t work out how to move it. LOL! So I took it away from him, and put it in the bath so he couldn’t get to it. I thought I was being very clever.

So, he toddles over to the bath, looks at it… and then turns the tap on!! **rolling eyes emoticon here** I can’t win!

Bradley walks in, and asks what happened. So I told him the story… to which he replies “ You’re the nicest and cleverest mommy… ever!”
Awww! I love kids!

5 minutes later, I’m busy in the bedroom again, and Connor farts… loudly.
I look at him and say “Did you do a poop, Connor?”
So he turns his head around and tries to look at his bum… then looks at me with WIDE eyes and says “Hoh”.

He’s just getting so cute now 🙂

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