Caused at scene

OK, so finally, I get to post today! I’ve put the kids to bed (or rather we did), done my photo post, finished designing Bradley’s Ben 10 party invitations and printing them (they had to be done today because tomorrow is the last day of school for the term)… and now I can relax.

Today was a first for me. It was the first time I’ve left a trolley of groceries and just gone home rather than fight.

I took the boys to our local Woolies food store tonight to get a roast chicken for supper. Second night in a row… and guess what… they didn’t have any AGAIN! What’s with that anyway? Evening shoppers are looking for a fast meal… and they are losing customers by not having roast chickens!! So that was enough to set my blood boiling because I was already late… it was 6:15pm already. So, now I’m dithering… I can’t decide what to buy that’s going to be fast and we NEED veggies tonight. We’ve had too many veggie-less meals this week.

Connor was sitting in the trolley and Bradley pushing it. Connor starts grabbing at items on the shelves and pushing them off and Bradley starts getting bored. He starts growling at Connor and teasing him… touching him and then pushing the trolley away etc.

Eventually Connor gets so fed up and scratches Bradley all over his face. He basically attacked him (I don’t blame him actually, Bradley was being a pest). Then he yells at him. Bradley starts whining and then eventually crying because I’m not giving him enough attention.

By then, the whole shop is looking at me, because this is happening right next to the line for the tills. so I told Bradley to move out the way and move to the front of the trolley away from Connor and walk next to me. He refuses. ARRGHHH!!!

I eventually got so the hell in, that I grabbed both of them, and got out of there. There was no way I was standing in the queue with both of them, in that small space, vying for attention and grabbing sweets from the shelves, and then still have to get home and start cooking!! So I cut my losses, and left all the groceries in the trolley in the middle of an aisle and went home… with Bradley crying now… in fact wailing… because we have “NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE MOMMY!!”.

People were still staring at me when I drove the car out the parking lot… with Bradley still wailing! Because now, I’ve threatening him with not being able to shop with me ever again if he carries on like that. ARRRGHHH I cannot win!

OK, I’m all worked up again, think I need more coffee now!

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