Bradley’s horseriding and more

He’s really enjoying his riding now. And he’s doing so well… well I think so anyway :). And so I thought I’d show you what he’s been doing lately apart from learning to jump.

Letitia is teaching him that he needs to lift his hands off the saddle, so she makes him trot without holding on with his arms behind his back, or on his head or straight out like an aeroplane. Clever hey?

And in the last few weeks she’s also been teaching him how to steer. Today she actually let go of him and Bonny for a bit, while Bradley controlled the horse!

Anyway, while Letitia was busy teaching Bradley, I was chatting to Melody who runs the place. Her daughter went to the same nursery school as Bradley, and she told me why she took her out of the school. OMW! All I wanted to do while I heard this story was ask Bradley if this happened to him too!

Her daughter came home with a bruise the one day, and a few days later told her that her friend (a boy the same age as Bradley) would hit her if she didn’t do what he told her to do, and this is where the ruise came from. He must’ve really whacked her for her to bruise above her coccyx! Holy Scholy! Then her daughter told her about kissing catches games that they played! They’re 4 for pete sake! This should not be happening! There was more to the story too, but I’ll just leave that for now.

No wonder the teachers at the nursery school made the boys and girls play seperately towards the end of the year! I interrogated Bradley about this whole thing later today. He swears he never played kissing catches, in fact, he can’t even explain what it is. And as for that other boy, he never played with him anyway, so that’s not a problem. I believe Bradley. He didn’t really play with the same group at nursery school, so I’m hoping that this problem was only prelevant in that group.

But what I did do, was reiterate to Bradley, that his body was HIS, and HIS only. No-one is allowed to touch it… no-one. I don’t know what else to do. We shouldn’t have to worry about these things yet, he’s far too young! The fact I have to worry about this, makes me MAD!

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