Am I that transparent?

I went shopping with a friend at Sandton City today during our lunch break. I was feeling frustrated (and it’s only my first day back at work), and we didn’t feel like the lunch being served in the canteen. It was just an excuse really, to go and get a Cinnabon, so much for the ideas of a healthy diet this year… it’s already out the window!

We took a stroll through the lingerie department in Woolies and were oohing and aahing at the gorgeous stuff and looking for our sizes in vain, when she starts laughing. She walks over to a range of bright purple and green underwear, takes a purple g-string with green spots all over it off the rack. She then turns to me and says “these look just like something you would buy”.

And you know what? I already have them 😉 Hee hee! I have the blue ones with orange spots too for that matter! You have to have a bit of colour ;).
When a friend knows what type of knickers you’d buy… well… then they do know you well! Either that, or I talk too much about the things I buy.

On the subject of shopping, I was amazed that the centre still has Christmas decorations up!! I haven’t noticed decorations at the other centres I’ve been in the last week.

I’ve even taken my decorations down at home already. It was much too tempting for the crawler! He was forever making a beeline for the baubles.

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