Old school ruler

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While we were chatting in the office this evening, one of the ladies found an old wooden 50cm ruler on someones desk. We started talking about what everyone remembers about this ruler.

And everyone in the office has the same recollection! Frightening, considering all of us in the office went to school in the Apartheid era (for at least part of our schooling). All of us, and I mean all… white, black, coloured and indian clearly remember being hit with rulers exactly the same as this.

And all of us remember being hit over the knuckles with the ruler being upright (iow, not flat).

I went to primary school at Boskop Primary School which is a dual medium school (both English and Afrikaans). I clearly remember being hit by my blond Afrikaans teacher for speaking in English in class.

Absolutely frightening what memories that simple object can conjure up

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Missing flowers

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I came to the conclusion tonight that I need to get flowers for my home more often. I used to buy myself flowers almost every week, but I haven’t done that in months, for some unknown reason.

Madelein gave me a bunch of pink lilies today (the ones in the photo even though it looks orange because of the light). How sweet is that? She said she thought I needed some. And she went to so much effort to get them to me too! She phoned last night while I was walking to ask whether she could drop something off. And then today she walked from her offices (ok, it is the building next door) to have some coffee with me and give me the flowers.

Anyway, I was looking at them in the passage this evening thinking how much difference the flowers make to the house. They just brighten up the place, and make it more alive. I really need to get flowers for myself more often. It’s not like I can wait for my husband, or else I’d never get flowers.

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It was inevitable

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I knew someday that I’d hear the truth about what is really mine in the house.

This evening, Bradley came upstairs to our room when I wanted to change. I took one look at the room, and commented about what a mess “my” room was… the floor was strewn with toys.

Bradley pipes up “It’s not your room… it’s daddy’s room and your room… and my room and Connor’s room”

To which I reply “Really?”

Then he says “Ja, because your bed is big enough for 4 people!”


Isn’t he gorgeous?! I finally got a good shot of his green eyes this afternoon.

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What’s on my mind

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I need to vent, and I suppose there’s no better place than here.

I had a complete breakdown in the traffic on the way home tonight. I cried half the way home. It’s just all too much for me at the moment. My mind is spinning with all this crap and I just have to get it out.

These are the things I’m stressing about… which is probably why I’m having the problems mentioned yesterday. They are random thoughts at the moment, so this post is going to be all over the place.

Work is unbelievably stressful at the moment, and has been for a few weeks. I wish I could say more, but I really shouldn’t. I just hope that the secret meetings are over now… yes, I know about them… those ones everyone was having as soon as I left the office. It’s not cool. Not cool at all.

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