13 things I love about being a parent

I really struggled to come up with a topic for today’s list, but found this blog and thought it was a brilliant idea!

1. I love the cuddles I get from Bradley, and the neck snuggles from Connor.

2. I love that, at the moment, I am one of the most important people in their lives.

3. I love playing with them, and showing and teaching them new things. They’re like sponges, and still accept everything you say as true (well, that’s starting to change with Bradley).

4. I love being called Mommy (Bradley), or MMMMMAAAAA (Connor) except when they’re whining.

5. I love buying them new clothes and toys. Boys can get really funky stuff :).

6. I love watching them grow and realising that they’re bigger than they were. It happens so fast.

7. I love seeing the similarities and differences between the boys, and wondering where their traits come from. Connor plays completely differently to the way Bradley played as a baby – he plays with different toys completely. I’ll post about those differences another day.

8. I love that a part of me and Lance is in both of them (and that’s quite a scary thought at the same time).

9. I love watching the boys interact with each other. Bradley is Connor’s hero, and can always get a giggle out of him. I hope that friendship and love grows between them. And Bradley loves Connor to bits and is very protective over him.

10. I love the mess they make in the house, because it means they’re being kept busy. But I hate the tidying up 🙂

11. I love bragging about what they are doing and getting up to 🙂

12. I love watching their faces when they’re trying something for the first time. Like last week when Connor had ice-cream for the first time.

13. And lastly, because being a parent has given me the opportunity to love another two souls. And it’s the best kind of love!

Being a parent is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, and at the same time the most scary. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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