People on planes

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Aren’t you fascinated by the people who you sit next to on aeroplanes? I am, and I am one of those irritating people who strike up conversations with strangers on planes.

I flew to Cape Town today (the photo was taken at the Waterfront when we went for a walk this evening), and I sat next to a fascinating person!

Him and his partner flew into South Africa from Oregon, US… and the reason… to dig for crystals in the Kalahari! They’re not here for long, only 16 days… which to me is MAD! Why come all this way for such a short time? They’d just arrived in the country and were spending 2 days in Cape Town before heading off for the Kalahari.

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Chaotic mornings

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It’s always chaos trying to get everyone up and out of the house in the mornings (except for Connor, of course, because he stays at home… with a nanny).
This morning, Lance left early to drive to Middelberg for the day, and I was on my own… so naturally it’s even more chaotic. I thought I would share a bit of it with you.

Bradley has a thing about the scale in the bathroom and most mornings jumps on it and then shouts what he weighs today. It’s never accurate because he never stands still so it fluctuates madly, but it’s not meant for kids to weigh themselves. Well, that’s my belief anyway… I can’t stand it when people are anal about their kids’ weight. I believe it causes more problems than it’s worth, and it creates issues at school too.

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Caused at scene

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OK, so finally, I get to post today! I’ve put the kids to bed (or rather we did), done my photo post, finished designing Bradley’s Ben 10 party invitations and printing them (they had to be done today because tomorrow is the last day of school for the term)… and now I can relax.

Today was a first for me. It was the first time I’ve left a trolley of groceries and just gone home rather than fight.

I took the boys to our local Woolies food store tonight to get a roast chicken for supper. Second night in a row… and guess what… they didn’t have any AGAIN! What’s with that anyway? Evening shoppers are looking for a fast meal… and they are losing customers by not having roast chickens!! So that was enough to set my blood boiling because I was already late… it was 6:15pm already. So, now I’m dithering… I can’t decide what to buy that’s going to be fast and we NEED veggies tonight. We’ve had too many veggie-less meals this week.

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Working woes

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The last kind of phone call I wanted to get late this afternoon at the office (yes, it’s Sunday and we’re all working feverishly to get a new system live), was Lance telling me how Connor is wandering around the house crying “mamamamma” and I can hear his heartbroken wailing in the background.

That was enough to send me over the edge.

I felt bad enough leaving them this weekend to work the strange hours we’re working at the moment.

And I’m tired. And I haven’t been working close to the hours that some of the other guys have been working. They all looked like zombies this evening before I left to come home. I really hope this is the last weekend we have to work like this, everyone desperately needs a break.

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Old school ruler

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While we were chatting in the office this evening, one of the ladies found an old wooden 50cm ruler on someones desk. We started talking about what everyone remembers about this ruler.

And everyone in the office has the same recollection! Frightening, considering all of us in the office went to school in the Apartheid era (for at least part of our schooling). All of us, and I mean all… white, black, coloured and indian clearly remember being hit with rulers exactly the same as this.

And all of us remember being hit over the knuckles with the ruler being upright (iow, not flat).

I went to primary school at Boskop Primary School which is a dual medium school (both English and Afrikaans). I clearly remember being hit by my blond Afrikaans teacher for speaking in English in class.

Absolutely frightening what memories that simple object can conjure up

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Missing flowers

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I came to the conclusion tonight that I need to get flowers for my home more often. I used to buy myself flowers almost every week, but I haven’t done that in months, for some unknown reason.

Madelein gave me a bunch of pink lilies today (the ones in the photo even though it looks orange because of the light). How sweet is that? She said she thought I needed some. And she went to so much effort to get them to me too! She phoned last night while I was walking to ask whether she could drop something off. And then today she walked from her offices (ok, it is the building next door) to have some coffee with me and give me the flowers.

Anyway, I was looking at them in the passage this evening thinking how much difference the flowers make to the house. They just brighten up the place, and make it more alive. I really need to get flowers for myself more often. It’s not like I can wait for my husband, or else I’d never get flowers.

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It was inevitable

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I knew someday that I’d hear the truth about what is really mine in the house.

This evening, Bradley came upstairs to our room when I wanted to change. I took one look at the room, and commented about what a mess “my” room was… the floor was strewn with toys.

Bradley pipes up “It’s not your room… it’s daddy’s room and your room… and my room and Connor’s room”

To which I reply “Really?”

Then he says “Ja, because your bed is big enough for 4 people!”


Isn’t he gorgeous?! I finally got a good shot of his green eyes this afternoon.

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