Why you should try scuba diving

1. The chance to meet friendly sea turtles and other sea animals

If you're not on scuba, you simply won't have the chance to see many animals in the wild. And some of the most special encounters come with sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins and, yes, sharks!

2. The chance to travel to exotic places

Some of the best diving in the world is found in far-off places, from tiny islands in Indonesia to open-ocean outposts like the Galapagos Islands. And every dive destination has something different to offer, both in its underwater scenery and topside activities. Check out this list of awesome exotic dive destinations to get some bucket-list inspiration.

3. The chance to have the adventure of a lifetime

Every dive is its own adventure. And when you get scuba certified you gain the confidence and competence to handle any situation underwater and explore the underwater world.

4. The chance to make new friends

Once you start diving, it's like you join a global club. Why? Well, try seeing an 8-foot reef shark underwater and not talking about it back on the boat. Divers love to talk about their experiences, give tips and plan the next big adventure.

5. The chance to explore the last undiscovered frontier

Explore wrecks from a different era, sacred Maya cenotes, walls plunging into the abyss and coral reefs buzzing with thousands of fish.