MarinaSolon Scuba diving center

Do you want to learn scuba diving while your vacation?

Certified diving course

Advanced Adventurer with Open Scuba Diving Center

From shallow water to 4 meters deep, perfect to practice equalizing ears and buoyancy control.

It Is The Most Peaceful Place

In The world

The people you meet

It is the perfect way to explore the world on your own while getting to know other scuba divers. You may find an immediate connection with other solo traveler, couples and friends that share also share a passion for diving!

Underwater world

The way the lives interact, the way that there’s a moment of grace for me in almost every dive where I feel a sense of connectedness to all these infinitely strange lives busy around me.

Where to go diving

Practice your scuba diving skills at some of the best diving places

Unplug on Tioman Island, Malaysia

If you’re after a chilled out diving holiday that is only about diving, Tioman Island off the south-east coast of Malaysia is the place for you.

A bit of everything in Cyprus

If you want diving to only be a part of your holiday, Cyprus has so many other things to do as well as great diving.

Diving paradise in Ecuador

Famous as the gateway to one of the world’s best scuba destination – the Galápagos Islands – Ecuador scores high points in the scuba industry.

Plan Your Scuba Diving Training

1. Check everything

2. Getting your open water certificate takes three full days of training or longer, so you’ll want to be somewhere both comfortable and memorable.

3. A safe dive school maintains a low student to instructor ratio, never leaves equipment on the floor, and communicates clearly with its students.

4. Yoga helps you learn to focus on your breathing, one of the most important elements of scuba diving.

Harley Holmes

We all know that scuba diving is a very enjoyable and relaxing sport, but did you know that it is truly good for you?

The majority of our training is for people looking to begin diving or looking to try diving for the first time.

We work at the pace which suits the students and allows them to enjoy their first experience of the underwater world with as little stress and effort as possible.

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